Trip Free



You'll wonder how you went camping without them!  

Trip Free Glowing Tent Guy Rope Tensioners pack of 4 



With up to 12 hours continuous glowing solar charge, these tensioners will illuminate any guy rope that they are attached to, giving you night time peace of mind on your way to or from your tent.



The glow from these tensioners is bright enough to be easily seen, yet dim enough not to cause annoyance for your fellow campers or from inside the tent itself.




TripFree Tensioner Instructions

1). After you unpack your Glowing Tent Rope Tensioners leave them in direct sunlight for a few hours prior to installing to achieve the maximum 12 hour solar charge.

2). Make sure the Tensioner is at least 80cm (31.5”) to 100cm (39.5”) from the ground and in clear view for when walking around at night.

3). To install, thread one end of your rope through one hole, then loop back through the other hole and tie a secure knot.


Full Instructions and colour diagrams are on the packaging when you purchase your tensioners.




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