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TRIPFREE Rope Tensioner

If you're an avid camper then at one time or another you have tripped over your tent guy ropes at night. Solar charged by direct sunlight (or a torch) these tensioners glow up to 12 hours and self rejuvinate. Only $14.95 postage included
$15.95 $14.95

Mosquitofree 12 volt Transformer

Converts 240 volts down to 12 volt compatible with the Mosquitofree Trap comes with 1.8m cord

Mosquitofree 12 volt Fan

The Mosquitofree 12 volt fan with 12 UV smd LEDS and 2 Blue 2 Green smd LED can easily be replace by disconnecting the old fan from the PCB board remove the 4 screws and replace with your new one wired direct to the power source.


The biting insect trap that combines several powerful attractants that have been responsible for rescuing many families from serious irritations and spoiled backyard BBQs. Only $89.00


The unique patented grip is easy to hold and easier to eat with! KFS Easy Eat combines a knife fork and spoon to suit your every need. Only $15.95 for a set of 2

The Great Buffet Party Plate

BBQ Plate designed for comfort, durability and stability. Ideal for outdoor EVENTS BBQs, camping functions ONLY $19.95USD including for set of 4 Corporate purchase minimum buy 500 plates including your logo for $3.00 per plate. volume purchase prices contact