The biting insect trap that combines several powerful attractants that have been responsible for rescuing many families from serious irritations and spoiled backyard BBQs. Only $89.00


  • It is Guaranteed to catch Biting Insects.
  • Attracts in a 360 degrees direction.
  • It utilises a special UV blue light frequency.
  • Has a proven combination of UV and spectrum light attractants.
  • Replaces expensive Co2 Gas models.
  • Value for money and inexpensive to run.
  • Unique Patented application design.
  • MosquitoFREE biting insect trap uses an environmentally friendly attraction 
  • 1.  1 trap will cover an area the size of the average residential backyard (100 m2). 
  • 2. Operate the trap 24/7 to kill off the breeding season around your home.

3. It is better to operate the trap under some cover as rain will fill the bowel with water 

4. Place the unit 30 cms above the ground/deck no closer that 2 meters from where you sit and up wind 

5.  if you are still getting bitten after 24 hours move trap to another position

6. Why is the the best trap on the market? it's a "Trapper" not a "Zapper", it has three attrants 1. UV Lights, 2 Sprectum Lights 360dgree attract area. bugeater only cath bugs with a blue light that does not attract mosquitoes or sandfliersr

7 How much power does it use per 24hrs? Power consumption is 2 cents per day