The unique patented grip is easy to hold and easier to eat with! KFS Easy Eat combines a knife fork and spoon to suit your every need. Only $15.95 for a set of 2


  • The KFS is great for camping and boating where storage is limited
  • Also designed for the following Elderly, Stroke Impaired, Arthritic Conditions, Physically Impaired, Visually Impaired


Original report prepared by:
Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus Queensland. 4222.

The Knife Fork Spoon (KFS)

The KFS is described as a multifunctional feeding utensil that may be used by individuals who have difficulties with independent feeding due to an inability to grasp and manouvre a standard set of utensils.  KFS eliminates any need to coordinate seperate utensils, which allows a KFS to be used by one hand, this grapsing technique permits easy manouvering of the utensil, although some practice time is required. In general, using a multifunctional utensil may return a sense of freedom to an individual, return some dignity and permit greater social interaction during meal times.


The design of the KFS is clearly distinct from other multifunctional utensils in how it assists independent feeding. 

Some of the perceived benefits/advantages associated with using a KFS:

  •   Allows for independent feeding by an individual who currently requires

    assistance to feed.

  •   A KFS can be held with either a wide over-handle grip or by a thumb

    through the handle slot.

  •   An individual can use a KFS with either right or left hand.

  •   A KFS is made from a lightweight durable material, balanced about the

    mid-length of a KFS and is relatively easy to clean and maintain.

  •   No moving pieces that may potentially jam or break

    Possible pitfalls, disadvantages and/or limitations with using a KFS:


  • RED as it provides a constrast between food and a utensil, which is considered a potential advantage for people living with Alzheimer's.