KFS Eating Utensil

"It takes 20 minutes to feed someone in your care - it takes 20 seconds


KFS Eating Utensil for arthritis, amptees & disabledWhat is a KFS Eating Utensil?

KFS is the revolutionary all-in-one Knife, Fork and Spoon (KFS) that incorporates both a ring pull and a twist top opener.

The simple yet outstanding design makes this a must have item for a whole range of reasons!


Q. What is KFS made from?
A. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) this material is high strength, high impact, flame resistant, dishwasher and microwave save, a very durable and long lasting material

Q. Will the KFS cut through meat such as steak?
A. Yes as the blade has a specially designed shape for cutting, the base of the spoon is shaped to part the steak as the knife moves through the steak

Q. Will the knife cut my lip when using the fork?
A. The knife section is designed to be placed back from the fork base and shaped so the your lip can not get within the area of the knife.

Q. Will the KFS cut or mark glass or ceramics or bench tops
A. No

Q. How long will they take to deliver
A. Delivery through Australian Post or Courier should be no longer than 5 to 7 days. International no longer than 14 days.

Q. Has the KFS been endorsed or approved by any bodies

A. Griffith University

Q. What is the size of the KFS?
A. The length and width of the standard spoon

Q. Is the KFS Australian owned
A. Yes it was designed and patented in Australia and has also been patented in the USA

Q. Is the KFS suitable for children to use?
A. It it more safe and easier for children to use than the conventional knife, fork or spoon

Q. Where can I buy buy the KFS
A. You can buy it online at this site

Q. Can you ship orders the KFS internationally
A. Yes




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