The Great Buffet Party Plate

BBQ Plate designed for comfort, durability and stability. Ideal for outdoor EVENTS BBQs, camping functions ONLY $19.95USD including for set of 4 Corporate purchase minimum buy 500 plates including your logo for $3.00 per plate. volume purchase prices contact

Outdoor events - picnic, BBQs, functions

"Eat and Drink while on your feet"

Have you ever caught yourself at a party, spinning around in circles on the look-out for a spare seat to enjoy your snack? Well look no further when The Great Buffet Party Plate is in hand. The versatility of this ergonomically designed plate allows you to continue to mingle whilst enjoying great tastes of both snacks and drinks without the need for a seat. The Great Buffet Party Plate is designed with comfort, durability and stability in mind. 



  • Ergonomically designed   Comfortably held with one hand whatever the weight.
  • Specifically designed to hold a glass, beer bottle or wine glass.
  • Polypropylene composition - Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Vibrant range of colours - The choice of 5 different colours in sets of 4 for the consumer
  • Non-spill lipped edge - Holds food and drink in place when on the move.
  • For effective corporate or promotional events have your logo on the plate