The Great Buffet Party Plate

"Eat and Drink while on your feet"



Sound Familiar?

Have you ever caught yourself at a party, spinning around in circles on the look-out for a spare seat to enjoy your meal?
Well look no further when Aussie BBQ Plate is in hand. 

Help is "At Hand"

The versatility of this ergonomically designed plate allows you to continue to mingle whilst enjoying great tastes of both food and beverage without the need for a seat.                                                                                                                 

The Great Plate is designed with comfort, durability and stability in mind. 

Ideal for all:

BBQ and Party lovers

  Corporate Promotional with their Logo 

Outdoor events & Functions



  • Ergonomically designed handle - Comfortably held with one hand whatever the weight.
  • All-in-one glassware holder - Specifically designed to hold a glass, beer bottle or wine glass.
  • Polypropylene composition - Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Vibrant range of colours - The choice of four different colours for all occasions.
  • Non-spill lipped edge - Holds food and drink in place when on the move.
  • Corporate logo space - Option to engrave for effective corporate or promotional merchandise.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions:
  • Q.Could the plate assist aged or physically impaired?
    A.Yes. By reversing the plate around and placing the thumb through the hole while resting the plate on the forearm stability is increased.
  • Q.What benefits does this plate have compared to other plates?
    A.It can be held with more comfort with one hand due to the thumb hole giving a steady grip.
  • Q.What's the slit in the corner for?
    A.This has two uses; to hold a wine glass or hold as bottle by the neck.
  • Q.Will it hold a cup or can?
    A.Yes. In the corner where the slit is there is a provision to hold a cup or can.
  • Q.What size is the plate?
    A.The same size as most normal plates - 260mm x 254mm.
  • Q.What's it made from?
    A.Polypropylene material that is microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Q.Can I buy one plate?
    A.No, they come as a pack of four unless you are a corporate volume buys from 500 plates




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