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Peter Scott, the man behind Life In Style Products

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Diploma in Business Management ICS 1966

Peter Henry Scott

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Certificate IV:
Small Business Management  (N.E.I.S) 2003

Hobbies interests:
Inventing and manufacturing products Golf, Computers

Scotch College Launceston, Tasmania Year 12 completed 1961


Inventions Found Me
I invent products with the Consumer in mind “To Make Life Easier” and innovate tomorrows products today. Many people ask me how I came up with my inventions. There is a story behind each one of them which I’ll share with you below. I have a strong association with my manufacture of 10 years that always deliverers top quality products for me with top class packaging and presentation for my customers. as long as I see a need for the consumer to make their life easier  I will be looking for a way to invent it.
In 1998 I contracted Ross River Fever in Noosa Queensland, I then begun to study mosquitoes In October 1999 I purchased the business MossieFree from the original inventor of the product, the unit operated from co2 gas and the high monthly cost for gas at $25.00 and a retail cost of $499.00 was a disadvantage. I then began the redesign the unit; and created an attractant  that replaced the CO2 gas. Over the last 14 years and with technology always being improved such as LED Lighting I have kept improving the trap to what it is today.
At a BBQ standing around with a drink in my hand enjoying the hospitality the host asked whether I would like something to eat. I looked around, there was nowhere to sit and eat or to put my drink, that evening I designed the Aussie BBQ Plate,
While I was at dinner at a restaurant I noticed this guy had his arm amputated at the elbow and how it was so difficult for him to eat with having to pick up a knife to cut and then a fork to eat, so I thought wouldn’t it be great to have a utensil that would assist people with disabilities such as this one along with stroke affected and arthritis stuffers. Once again I woke at 3 am and designed the KFS.
My daughter, Tiffany is an avid camper. She invented glow in the dark tent rope tensioners after experiencing the perils of tripping over tent ropes at night. I thought it was such a great invention I proceeded to get the dies made and move forward with TRIPFREE ROPE TENSIONERS. The Tensioners are now ready for the market world wide.
A Little about me
I guess I thank my father for my inventive mind.. he was a builder, always trying to find a shorter and more efficient way to do things, From the start of my business career at the age of 24 in the TV rental business I was always looking for better ways to promote my business with better ideas than my opposition. I guess the downfall of that, when even making good money and I could go no further I got bored and would sell out and move onto the another venture. Which is probably the reason I do so much research on my inventions until I’m happy I have the best design I can do from the start of a project, each invention is like a new business to me. It has taken me 40 years to find my niche in life as I have a great passion in creating products that will make life easier for consumers “oh and make some money too”  

The 1940s and 50s

Who really cares

The 1960s

Completed School, first job at a Hardware store then to, Malvern Star Electrical Group after 18mths  transferred from Launceston to be the youngest (at 19) branch manager for the group at their  Ringwood store in Melbourne. Conscripted in the first intake to the Army at 2nd Field Artillery Regiment Wacol.  Started my TV Rental Business that became Tasmania’s largest TV and White goods Rental business, the first person to create the "RENT TRY BUY" theme.

The 1970s

Still operating the Rental business in Devonport and Hobart owned the Railton Hotel Northern Tasmania. Participated in a sub divisions in East Devonport, all these businesses employed 20. Sold out to Radio Rentals, sold the Hotel and moved to the Gold Coast in late 1979.

The 1980s

Put Victoria 1 campaign together to enter yacht in the 87 America’s Cup 82. Invented and manufactured, the original “EYE Level Stop Light” for the rear window of the vehicle operated a factory at the Gold Coast employed 10 in the factory assembling the brakelight Owned and operated the following businesses on the Gold Coast, Stardor Products (manufacture of the brake light) Haven Home Improvement, ZeebaDee Hotel Advertising employing 20 sales people in Brisbane, sold out to partners.

The 1990s

Managing Director of Wellview Developments, completed 78 apartment complex at Hope Island ) Commenced growing Paulownia Trees, carried out plantation management and consulting for Paulownia clients within Australia. Carried out the largest Paulownia Plantation for Mecord Farms in Madras India. Started Closed Circuit Containers renting plastic containers to the Fruit and Vegetable Industry in Qld sold to Brambles. Owned operated ASRAM Security Monitoring for 3 yrs sold out Kenny Security, Invented and manufactured the Mosquitofree Trap.

And The 21st Century

Started the marketing of the Mosquitofree Trap,the Aussie BBQ Plate, while still working my property of 2000 acres at Kumbarilla Queensland breeding cattle and growing Paulownia trees. Own and operate a property maintenance business on the Gold Coast.

Founder/Inventor of Life in Style Products

Worked and completed 4 inventions see at with more on the drawing board.

Overall Experience:

Marketing, Retail, Project Management, Building Projects, Farming, Inventor, Marriage 3 of them

It is said that any any given time in the Universe that 100,000 people think of the same idea, "but only one creates it"