Great Australian Invetions

The Aussie Ice chest Cooler


“At Last an Ice Chest Cooler that you stay seated while you eat or drink!”


without you or your friends have to get up to retrieve drinks or food 


This great new Patent Pending Cooler allows you to enjoy yourself instead of being asked to stand up all the time when your friends want to get a drink or something to eat. 

  • The Side Opening Bins on both sides of the Cooler allows you and others access to drinks and food from either side of the Cooler without you having to move from seating position. You will be able sit back enjoy you drink and listen to music from the built in blue tooth stereo speaker system.
  • Having an interior LED light in the lid allows you to retrieve your food and drinks at night while camping.
  • The System keeps food and drinks cooler longer, unlike the conventional cooler that has to be opened from the top allowing large amounts of hot air into the whole cooler storage area.

  • The Aussie Easy Seat ICE CHEST COOLER is great for boating, Trunk parties, promotional advertising camping, 4 wheel driving and other areas with restricted room to move around or with limited seating.
  • When the Ice chest released onto the market it is anticapted to sell for $199.00 USD